Gold Star Service

Star Bright Conveniences

Star Service—If you are running late, or have sleeping kids in the car, take advantage of Star Service.  Simply call the location of your choice, give them your vehicle description, and when you pull up, they will meet you at your vehicle ready to serve you.

Express Bag Service—Purchase an express bag for $6.00 and receive a special bag with your name and cleaning preferences attached.  You will also get 6 $1.00 coupons, which will allow you to recoup your express bag costs within your first 6 visits.  Then, when you are ready to drop off your cleaning, you can leave the bag with our Customer Service Representative and you don’t have to wait in line to give us your information.  We will sort your bag and have everything ready for you.

Star Customers—Make sure we have your address and email so that you can receive special offers based upon your spending level, and helpful hints on caring for your garments and household items.

Star Cards—We offer prepaid cards that you can load and go.  Load a predetermined amount and let us deduct your total each time you pick up your order.  When you run out, reload and you are ready to go again.  They also work great as gift certificates.