Wedding Gown Preservations

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation


Star Bright Cleaners will keep your gown looking its best even after the big day…

Star Bright Cleaners has 32 years of experience restoring and preserving wedding gowns and other heirloom items.  With all the different cleaning options we have available, we are able to handle virtually all cleaning requirements your wedding gown may have.  Additionally, we are proud to offer hand cleaning if your gown requires it.

Because you deserve to feel like a princess all over again…

We prefer to accept wedding gowns by appointment.  During the initial meeting, our preservation specialist will inspect your gown with you for tears, snags, spots and soiled areas, and any ornamentation requiring special care.  Photos will be taken and a pre-cleaning interview is conducted.  This will allow us to determine the best course of handling for fully restoring and preserving the most important garment of your life.  After the inspection and interview, we will be able to provide you with a quote for the preservation work. Following the restoration and preservation process, each new bride will be invited back to view the gown prior to packaging.  Photos will be taken at this time for the bride’s records.  We only use the highest quality acid-free tissue paper and muslin to package your gown for storage in an archival quality package.  Each gown will come with a pair of gloves for use in the case you need to handle your gown in the future.  Finally, within about 4- 6 weeks, your completed gown will be fully restored and preserved and ready for pick up.

Wedding Gown Cleaning

Because other special days need to be remembered…

In addition to wedding gown preservation, we also offer preservation and restoration for any heirloom garment including bridesmaids dress, flower girls, or any other special garment you want to have preserved and stored.

Star Bright Cleaners will keep your gown looking its best even after the big day…

When you give Star Bright Cleaners the opportunity to care for your most special gown, you can rest assured that we will take the utmost care in fully restoring your gown, and packaging it so that it will remain the family heirloom you treasure most.  Your gown will be:

  • Handled at all times with museum gloves
  • Inspected to determine its condition, which will be fully documented
  • Repaired if required
  • Cleaned according to the needs of the fabrics and ornamentation
  • Cleaned for spot and stain removal
  • Individually cleaned
  • Hand pressed
  • Presented for your review prior to packaging
  • Stuffed with acid-free tissue paper and muslin
  • Packaged and secured in display box
  • Inspected for any metal items which will be separately wrapped and packaged to ensure minimal damage to the fabrics
  • Presented to you within 4 – 6 weeks for safe keeping
  • After receipt of your packaged gown, we recommend you store the package in a dry cool place.  We also urge you to store headpieces, veils, shoes, and other accessories separately from your gown to avoid damage.
5-Star Dry Cleaner Rating

On your wedding day, you felt like a princess.  We hope to treat you, and your gown, like royalty all over again.